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This Is Your Path Back To Confidence, Clarity & Purpose!


It can be easy to believe that your best years may be behind you when life has dealt you a serious blow.  But I need you to know that as long as you are still living and breathing on this earth, you have a purpose and mission to fulfil.


If you are ready to move beyond the anxiety and overwhelm that has been keeping you stuck and shift into clarity and confidence, then you're in the right place!




Work With Me

Lilli is a Transformational Confidence and Intuitive Purpose Coach.  She helps to transform anxiety and frustration into unshakeable confidence and self-belief through powerful coaching, sound energy healing and intuitive guidance.


Lilli uses her knowledge and experience as a professional Singer to help others ‘find their voice’ and connect to their spiritual purpose and truth.


Lilli is also the founder and host of The Confidence Academy Podcast.

Work With Me

"Lilli's session is just an explosion of invigorating energy! It's so easy to talk to her that when she delivers her insights you walk away energised and refreshed with your new clarity and mini-visions, like a bunch of blessed balloons. It's like a mini party, one where all your talents were invited to and showed up! I couldn't recommend her enough!"

Franca Munoz

"Lilli is a badass spiritual leader. She's funny, honest, and she doesn't have a rigid idea of what spirituality means. If you fear being judged or if you feel like a misfit in the spiritual world, or just as a human being, Lilli is the right coach and spiritual leader for you. Go for it and unleash the spiritual beast within you!"

Martha Sigargok-Martin
Mindset and Creativity Coach

"Lilli, you have a bright and brilliant spirit that shone through on our call. I was uplifted by your presence, and just 'being' with you during our time together. I appreciate your willingness to share some of your story, which helped me to better understand my own. Thank you!"

"Lilli was great to speak with! We had a lovely call where I got clarity around what is holding me back. We worked through what specific steps I can take to help clear the past and move forward with my purpose. She is a great counsellor for lightworkers, and I enjoyed working with her."

"Lilli has a wonderful way of helping you tap into your intuition, voice your real desires, and help you connect the dots between what's in your heart and how you can make that happen."

"Working with Lilli was like having a visioning session with someone who knows me and believes in me where I don't yet believe in myself. I'm excited to work with her again in the future!"




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